[DV2] Evidence-Based Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse, Part 1: Research, Theory and Assessment

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Evidence-Based Treatment of Intimate Partner Abuse: Research, Theory and Assessment is the first of a two-part advanced course on intimate partner abuse, more popularly known as domestic violence. Partner abuse consists of physical forms of aggression, as well as emotional and sexual abuse and controlling behaviors, including stalking.

Although it has now been more than three decades since partner abuse has been recognized as a serious social problem, current treatment models have been only moderately effective at best, stymied by rigid theoretical formulations based on outdated political analyses.

In this section, the instructor discusses these limitations, and proposes an evidence-based model of treatment based on the most comprehensive and up-to-date findings from the empirical research literature, including data from the renowned 2,657-page Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project. Basic assessment protocols and questionnaires are discussed.

This section is intended for mental health professionals, victim advocates, batterer intervention providers, educators, policy-makers, and anyone else interested in the subject of domestic violence.  This is an in-depth course and appropriate for individuals with an intermediate knowledge of the subject, but is also appropriate for beginners.

This course consists of Power Point slides with narration, short videos, exercises, and informational handouts. The final post-test consists of 80 questions.

Learning Objectives.  At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand why current models have hindered treatment effectiveness.
  2. Summarize the most up-to-date, relevant social science research on partner abuse and the basis for evidence-based practice.
  3. Conduct a sound assessment protocol with which to design a treatment plan based on client needs.

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Full Course Syllabus:

Lesson One

  • Topic 1        (30 minutes) The current paradigm
  • Topic 2        (20 minutes) Paradigm limitations
  • Topic 3        (40 minutes) Importance of research
  • Quiz 1

Lesson Two

  • Topic 4         (30 minutes) Physical abuse
  • Topic 5         (40 minutes) Non-physical abuse
  • Topic 6         (20 minutes) LGBT and ethnic minority populations
  • Quiz 2

Lesson Three

  • Topic 7         (30 minutes) Motivation
  • Topic 8         (30 minutes) Risk factors
  • Topic 9         (30 minutes) Impact of abuse
  • Quiz 3

Lesson Four

  • Topic 10         (20 minutes) Perpetrator typologies
  • Topic 11          (30 minutes) Handout/Exercise:  Abuse dynamics
  • Topic 12          (40 minutes) Research on assessment, prevention and treatment
  • Quiz 4

Lesson Five

  • Topic 13          (25 minutes) Diagnostic considerations
  • Topic 14          (15 minutes) Handout/Exercise:  Who’s the dominant aggressor?
  • Topic 15          (40 minutes) Conducting assessments
  • Topic 16          (40 minutes) Handout/Exercise:  Assessment protocol
  • Quiz 5
  • Topic 17          References



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