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The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project

A Comprehensive Database of Domestic Violence Research: Up-to-Date, Easily Accessible, User-Friendly & Free

For researchers, policy-makers, intervention providers, victim advocates, law enforcement, judges, attorneys, family court mediators, educators, and anyone interested in family violence

  • An unprecedented 3-year research project, conducted by 42 scholars at 20 universities and research centers in the U.S. and Canada.

  • 2,657 pages of summaries and analyses of over 1,700 peer reviewed studies from 1990- 2012. Manuscripts published in 5 issues of Partner Abuse (2012-2013); extended topic abstracts and tables containing all summarized studies available online, as well as 61- page Overview of Findings. 

In Cooperation with
the Peer-Reviewed Journal Partner Abuse
John Hamel, Editor-in-Chief and PASK Director