Welcome CAMFT Readers of “The Therapist”

John Hamel LCSW

Thank you for your interest in our online domestic violence CEU courses for mental health professionals and attorneys. These 4 and 8-hour courses are based on the latest, most reliable social science research and cover a variety of important topics..  You may proceed to the home page of the website by clicking here.  

If you would like information about the Alternative Behavior Choices client workbook, go to: www.domesticviolencetrainings.org/evidence-based-batterer-intervention-program-client-manual/  This is a complete 16-52 week batterer intervention curriculum that you can download and print out for unlimited use.

For information about online anger management / relationship violence classes, go to:  www.onlineangermanagement.org

These classes are an ideal, cost-effective therapeutic adjunct for clinicians working with cases involving anger and low to moderate types of relationship aggression (not battering). Its 2, 4, 8, 12 and 16-hour versions include Power Point slides, videos, handouts and exercises. If you are a mental health professional, you can access the 2-hour version for free, and you and your clients can take any of the classes at a 30% discount. Contact me for the discount codes and to see the entire syllabus, at johnmhamel@comcast.net

For information about the Association of Domestic Violence Intervention Programs and its free scholarly research and networking opportunities, go to www.domesticviolenceintervention.net.  

The main website my professional practice is at www.JohnHamel.net

John Hamel, LCSW
San Rafael, CA