[DV8] Part 2

“Batterer intervention groups:  
Moving forward with evidence-based practice”

This video is provided as a free sample of the full DV8 course.

  • What is evidence-based practice?
  • Problem of bias and subjectivity
  • Definitions
  • BIP outcome studies
  • Findings from national BIP survey
  • BIP standards recommendations
  • Discussion: The one-size-fits-all BIP group format
  • RNR model

“John Hamel’s class, Batterer Intervention Groups: Moving Forward with Evidence-Based Practice, is an outstanding class on the treatment of male and female perpetrators of intimate violence. The class includes 8 hours of video presentations on up-to-date research findings and their clinical applications. Every treatment provider should take this class and learn to increase the effectiveness of their treatment model.”

Daniel Jay Sonkin

Ph.D., MFT

“This video is excellent and an ideal teaching tool. The video engaged me from the outset. It was easy to follow and had a good flow. I absolutely agree with so many of your points; in particular I am in agreement with the fact that evidence-based treatment is a collective experience, and requires cooperation among all stakeholders – including BIPs, victim advocates, researchers, and the judicial system.”

Tom Caplan